Sell with Blue Chip Realty

Why Choose Blue-Chip Realty Pty Limited Real Estate?

With every real estate agent claiming to be the best, it can be hard to judge just who to choose. Scratch the surface however and you’ll discover dramatic differences in the way agencies operate and the results they achieve. So how is Blue-Chip Realty Pty Limited any different? Let us let you in on a few secrets.


1. We aim for a great result, not just a fast one

Selling fast means your agent can pick up their commission and quickly move on to the next property. While it’s great for them, it can leave you substantially short-changed. At Blue-Chip Realty Pty Limited our focus is always to deliver the best possible sales price. We will never leave you wondering, “Could I have done better?”


2. We don’t rely on reputation to sell your property

While some high profile agents attract many listings, the effort they spend on each can be minimal. The fact is, if you want great results you need an agent dedicated to achieving them. Blue-Chip Realty Pty Limited experienced sales agents are backed by a dedicated marketing and support team, all working together to bring you more buyers and a bigger sales price.


3. We don’t try to lure you with cut-price marketing campaigns

Saving a couple of thousand dollars on marketing will no doubt seem an attractive proposition. That is, until you realise that your cut-price campaign can limit your property’s exposure and mean a massive difference in the eventual sale price. The comprehensive campaigns offered by Blue-Chip Realty Pty Limited deliver unrivalled exposure and the very best results.