Selling Tips

Rule Number One

First impressions do count and sometimes we can be too close to our home to see it as a stranger might. Ask a friend who you think has high standards to visit your property and give you an unbiased opinion of how it looks. Tell them to speak freely and don't take any comments personally. They are doing you a favour by being honest. Your preferred Blue-Chip Realty Pty Limited Agent will have some great tips on how to present your home in the best possible light. You might even consider using a home stylist to create the best possible atmosphere!


The Exterior Inspection

People will judge a book by its cover. Have your property looking tidy and inviting even before anyone steps inside. Do the gardening, mow the lawns, trim the edges, clean the driveway - your house has a personality, so make sure that it is a friendly, neat, inviting personality.


The Interior Inspection

How do you prefer a house to look? Like a neat organised space? Or like a storage unit for unused furniture? You need to look at the property sections of the newspaper or some interior design magazines, where homes are presented in the best possible light. Check out your lighting, the windows, the skirting boards and check they are all clean and in good repair. Get rid of the clutter! Ensure all surfaces are clean! Get that dust buster working! Have your garage sale, or donate old furniture to charity or take a trip to the tip before people come to inspect.

Rooms will look smaller if they are cluttered with furniture and junk. Your prospective buyer is interested how their furniture will look in the house, so give them the space to imagine. Maybe store some non-essential items off site. Kitchens and bathrooms can be the dirtiest places in a house, and people view them as very personal areas. It is important that they are sparkling clean when potential buyers call! And try some air-freshener or pot-pour for an extra touch.


Putting Your Home On The Market

Ready to go? It is important to find an agent that is concerned with your best interest, and that interest is to maximize the value of your property. Know the market. Research the property section in local newspapers. Agents will be able to approximate the cost of properties using price guides. This will help you to estimate the cost of your property. Get an idea how agents work. See how they treat you and others at an open house inspection. That is probably how they will treat potential buyers at your property. Find out about their follow up service. Check their marketing literature and signage.

Build a relationship with your agent to work with and ask them for a market appraisal and a marketing plan for your property. Residential properties in Sydney are usually sold by private treaty or auction. An agent will advise you on the most appropriate method to gain the best sale price for your property, depending on the current market. An agent can market your property, however the ultimate price is determined by the marketplace. Ask the agent about recent sales they have conducted in the area.

Once appointed your real estate agent will talk you through the sales process and your preparation for the sale of your home.


Open House Preparation

Your home is going on show. Someone is going to invest a lot of money to purchase it, so you should take time to prepare it for inspection. It should look like a house someone would want to own. See Blue-Chip Realty Pty Limited 'Selling Checklist' for some handy hints to help you achieve your goal. The more appealing your house is, the more value it has in the market! Sights and smells count, open up curtains, let the sun in and if there is a view, draw attention to it.

Presentation is the key!. we recommend fresh flowers and even fresh coffee or a loaf of bread. Appropriate with music playing is also inviting. Try and create the best possible atmosphere. Your Blue-Chip Realty Pty Limited Agent wants to work with you to get the best possible result for you. Your Agent will communicate with you along every step of the selling process. We consider your success to be our success, and we believe that you should "Expect the Best!"